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This scarf is made of 100% natural bamboo linen and is woven in a handloom to create a beautiful diamond jacquard pattern. To create the color of a yellow sunflower field the scarves have first been dip dyed in a yellow bath of natural dyes made from seasonal plants and herbs. Once dyed and dried they are tie-dyed with a Japanese Shibori technique to create a raindrop pattern and dipped in a natural green henna dye. Only one scarf can be tied at a time, which makes every scarf unique with slight variations in pattern and shade. Some color variations can occur due to the nature of the natural dyeing process and should not be seen as a defect.

Each scarf comes with a Bahini pin that can be used to hold the scarf in place or as a pin on any other garment.

  • Size: 70x200 cm
  • Material: 100% natural bamboo linen
  • Color: Yellow-Green