To ensure that all our materials and fibres are sourced in a cruelty free way, we have chosen to solely use vegan fibres in all our products.

  • Bamboo

    Bamboo is an extremely renewable resource and one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. The plantations require very little water and maintenance, and can be grown without pesticides or chemicals thanks to its own antibacterial agent called bamboo-kun.

    Our bamboo yarn is made by a mechanical-bacterial process similar to retting flax into linen, without using any chemicals. The result is a silky soft and durable antibacterial yarn perfect to be used in our scarves.

  • Hemp

    Hemp plantations requires very little water to grow and does not require any use of pesticides. The plant has natural antibacterial properties, making it naturally resistant to mold, bacteria and odors.

    Hemp fibers have the ability to wick away moisture, allowing air to circulate easily. The fibres are extremely robust and can withstand daily use, guaranteeing a long life of any product made from it. All these properties combined makes it the perfect fibre for us to use in the production of our soap pouches and face masks.

  • Cotton

    Cotton is the most widely used fibre in the world and has a negative impact on our environment as it requires a large amount of water to be produced. Overproduction is also one of the main issues in the fashion industry today where a lot of unused materials end up being wasted. We managed to save a batch of high quality canva cotton from ending up in landfills by up-cycling the fabric to make our limited edition tote bags. 

    Beside the environmental benefits of upcycling materials, this canva cotton fabric is also supple, soft, hypoallergenic and strong enough to withstand years of wear and tear!

  • Vegan

    PeTA Certified

  • Fair Trade

    Handmade by Free Women

  • Plastic Free

    Sustainable Packaging

  • Natural

    No Chemicals

Needles & Threads

All our items are handcrafted using traditional techniques that require no electricity. The fibres are spun by hand to then be woven into a scarf in a wooden handloom or knitted to a pouch by hand.





We only use environmentally friendly dyes for our products that are safe for both workers and mother earth. We ban any toxic compounds such as chlorine bleach, carcinogens and softeners. All our products are dyed in a closed water loop system to ensure nothing leaks out into nature. Nothing gets wasted - dye residues are used as soil fertilizers.

Natural Dyes

For our scarves dyed with natural dye we have used seasonal plants and herbs locally sourced in Nepal. Depending on season, some shades aren't always available and only a few scarves can go into each dye-batch resulting in slight variations in shades.

Azo-free dyes

For our scarves woven with both un-dyed and dyed yarn, and our face masks we have used eco-friendly azo-free dyes, which requires less dye and also less water usage compared to conventional dyes.