Building a sustainable world

The UN SDGs in action

We are convinced that there is no such thing as a small action: each individual initiative makes the strength of a collective impact. That’s why Bahini is committed to meeting 6 of the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations, thereby helping to build a viable world for all.

Our Impact

Compassion Without Action is Just Observation

Our mission is to help women and girls around the world to an independent life of freedom.

Your Purchase, Their Future


We help young survivors of trafficking and girls in need to a bright future by donating our profit to educational scholarships.

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Made by Free Women

Fair Trade

Behind each Bahini product, a woman is taking back the power over her life. Through our Fair Trade certified partners adult survivors are making handicraft renown from their own culture. With an independent and dignified life they are able to reintegrate into society and live a life in freedom.

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Natural - Vegan - Plastic Free


We think about what is best for Mother Earth in every step we take to avoid leaving any foot print behind us. We are diligent and careful all the way from our selection of sustainable fibres and ingredients, production methodologies, energy consumption, packaging materials, shipping options to recommended aftercare.

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