We think about what is best for Mother Earth in every step we take to avoid leaving any foot print behind us. We are diligent and careful all the way from our selection of sustainable fibres and ingredients, production methodologies, energy consumption, packaging materials, shipping options to recommended aftercare.


Our accessories are handmade from the finest, all-natural fabrics and sustainable dyes that requires no energy nor any chemicals to be produced. They are guaranteed cruelty free-made so that we can offer you high-quality products that are made while respecting both people and the planet.

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Our handmade cold processed soap bars are made from high-quality natural ingredients, carefully selected and combined for their skin benefits and minimal impact on the environment. Unlike commercial soaps, you won't find any silicones, perfumes, colorants, parabens or sulphates in our soaps.

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We are always striving to stay on top of things and find new ways to improve our brand and production methods to be the most ethical it can be. If you have any suggestions or ideas for improvements, let us know!

We would be super happy and grateful to hear from you!

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