Why choose Fair Trade? 

At Bahini, fair trade is at the heart of our mission, which is why we have obtained the WFTO First Buyer Label, which guarantees the fair and sustainable sourcing of our products and allows us to certify that we meet the 10 WFTO principles.

3 good reasons to choose Fair Trade

1)  Advance social justice

By choosing Fair Trade products, you are encouraging a transition to egalitarian trading practices that ensure fair wages, decent working conditions and opportunities for marginalized producers.

2)      Promote gender equality and women's empowerment

By turning to Fair Trade, you not only reduce gender inequalities, but also give recognition, visibility and a voice to women who are still invisible today.

3)      Promote environmentally friendly trade

Buying Fair Trade is not only an act of solidarity, but also a militant purchase in favor of the environment. Indeed, Fair Trade encourages respect for biodiversity and animals to guarantee optimal product quality and preserve Mother Earth.

WTFO 10 principles

Meet our producers


Our handmade scarves are made by three Fair Trade certified producers in Nepal who all empower marginalised women with independence.

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Our handmade beauty products are made by two Fair Trade certified producers in Bangladesh who empower marginalised women with independence.

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