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Scrub Pouch / Soap Saver

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This pouch is made exclusively from 100% natural hemp, meticulously handwoven and designed to perfectly encase and protect your precious soaps while on the go. The pouch works wonderfully as a body scrub as well as a soap saver.

1. Product Information
  • Material: Natural Hemp
  • Size: 12x12 cm

2. The story behind this pouch

Our soaps and bath accessories are made by resilient women in Bangladesh, working at Prokritee, a non-profit organization and a Guaranteed Member of the WFTO which supports over 1500 artisans across the country, with a focus on empowering women who play a key role in its operation. Through access to stable employment, these women survivors of human trafficking are gradually regaining their place in society and helping to promote their ancestral know-how.

SME (Sacred Mark Enterprise) is one of Prokritee's production units located on the countryside in Mymensingh Bangladesh. They employ survivors of sex-trafficking to help them live an independent life in freedom. Our soap bars are made by these fantastic women who currently are 28 regular producers and 31 seasonal producers. 

Baghda is one of Prokritee's production units located on the countryside in Barisal Bangladesh. They employ 45 regular producers and 158 seasonal producers. This is where our hemp scrub pouches are being made.


    Scrub Pouch / Soap Saver
    Scrub Pouch / Soap Saver
    • Vegan

      PeTA certified

    • Fair Trade

      Fair Trade Certified

    • Plastic Free

      Natural fibres

    • Natural

      No chemicals


    How do I use the pouch?

    You can use our pouch in various ways. Here are some suggestions for its use:

    1. Scrub - use it to gently exfoliate your skin.

    2. Soap saver - put your small bits and pieces of soap in the pouch to avoid any waste so that you can use up every piece of each soap bar.

    3. Storage - for when you are on the go. Our pouch is perfectly made to fit one Bahini soap bar.

    Why is the pouch made of hemp?

    Hemp has the ability to reduce greenhouse gases, requires very little water and no pesticides to grow.

    The advantage of hemp is that it dries very quickly, so the bags will stay fresh.

    The fibres are incredibly strong and durable, your pouch will last you a lifetime!

    How do I store the pouch?

    Let it hang in one of its strings in your bathroom and make sure it han dries between uses to ensure it stays fresh.