Empowering Growth

Our mission is to empower a “bahini”, which means little sister in Nepal, with the freedom of choice and to raise awareness about sex-trafficking.


Bahinis to school

For each scarf we sell, we support a bahini in need with a scholarship via the non-profit NGO SHE=Precious, founded by Indira Ghale- a brilliant human rights activist in Nepal, and two Norwegian social entrepreneurs. The rest of our profit goes into marketing, so we can grow and support more girls. Our goal is to expand to many more regions to help as many girls as possible.

Today 90 girls receive scholarships via SHE=Precious. The youngest is 5 years old and the oldest 26. The NGO works in areas that are especially affected by human trafficking - in some of the villages even the community leaders are traffickers which makes it extremely difficult to fight.
Besides providing the scholarships, SHE=Precious works to empower and encourage girls to be agents of change in their communities. Indira runs the daily operations and follow-up of the girls in Nepal. The scholarships are applied on an individual basis. It includes fees, school books, stationery materials, uniform and extra tuition for selected students. The schools vary from government provided, to private boarding schools, to college, and cost an average of 12,000 NPR per year, or 115 USD. 

Happy hands

Weaver Nepal

It is important to us that our scarves are made by happy hands. Rescuing women are oftentimes not enough, the lack of opportunities combined with the social stigma and discrimination that sex-trafficking survivors face, makes it difficult for them to reintegrate. Without means to earn a living they risk ending up in the hand of traffickers again. This is why Bahini collaborates with carefully selected Fair Trade certified suppliers that gives marginalized women a helping hand. With good working conditions and a fair pay, our suppliers give women a chance to become independent and to live a life in freedom.

All our Fair trade suppliers work with the WFTO ten principles.