Manushi is a WFTO-recognised NGO specializing in environmentally-friendly textile manufacturing. They employ around 35 full-time salaried producers and 10 full-time employees, and works with about 1,500 artisans all over Nepal. Their special mission is on empowering poor, disadvantaged and marginalized women to become independent while promoting indiginous handicraft and skills. They have specialised themselves in natural dyes and japanese shibori techniques, and have taken our natural bamboo scarves to the next level with the help of seasonal plants and herbs used in their dyes.

Folk Nepal

The producer of our azo-free dyed bamboo scarves is a WFTO-guaranteed member NGO fighting to eradicate social inequalities by supporting and promoting Nepalese handicrafts. Today, they work with 40 producer groups across Nepal and are involved in several projects with a strong focus on the education sector.


(Women Entrepreneurs Association of Nepal) is a pioneering cooperative in Nepal that markets products made by women and supports the economic and social empowerment of Nepalese women. They are an accredited member recognised by WFTO, the cooperative is made up of 280 members who work day after day to give women back the opportunity to choose their future. Our natural scarves, before they are dyed with natural dyes, are made in a handloom by women supported by WEAN.

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