End it.

End it.


Right now there is a movement in the United States called #Enditmovement that shines a light on that slavery still exists. It encourages people to post photos today of their hands marked with a red cross to show that they stand against human trafficking. If you're not in the US or if you want to fight human trafficking any day of the year, Relevant Magazine just published an article with seven tips on what you can do to help end human trafficking.

The article in short:
1. Educate yourself.
2. Ask for help.
3. Make informed purchasing decisions.
4. Buy products that support survivors.
5. Demand corporate accountability.
6. Give or fundraise.
7. Invest in people.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or simply want to discuss what you can do to help end sex trafficking. 

Let's end this once and for all!