Feeling blue after a long Winter?

Feeling blue after a long Winter?

Bahini - Atmosphere blues

Get ready for Spring with us! We've been working closely together with our Fair trade supplier in Nepal to bring out the colors that express our vision and we've been dying to share these new blue shades with you! I am a little bit of a nature geek and so the colors in our Nature Collection are not only made of eco-friendly natural dyes but the shades are also made with an inspiration from things we see in nature. These four new blue shades are inspired by our atmosphere and the names for these scarves comes from what we can find in the different layers: Cloud (Troposphere), Ozone (Stratosphere), Meteor (Mesosphere) and Space (Exosphere). For the observant fellow geek- yes, the Thermosphere layer didn't make it into this round of shades as it was too close in color.

I hope you will love these new additions just as much as we do and if you have any ideas or requests for future shades let us know! 

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With much (blue) love,
Miyabi - founder of Bahini